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35670A DataLink problem

Question asked by xmo on Aug 22, 2011
I recently installed the Agilent 35670A DataLink application on a Windows XP machine which also has Agilent's I/O library.  I use this machine with the 82357 USB-GPIB interface. I have other programs on the machine that use the I/O to communicate with other analyzers [e.g. ESA, VSA]

The DataLink application runs and discovers my 35670 just fine.  The 35670 has the latest firmware [00.30] and the Instrument Basic option.  When I ask the DataLink app to find the files on the 35670A it loads a basic program onto the instrument and executes the program.  The program starts out like this:

10 Mass storage is "!INTERNAL"
20 Let File$=AgtDirL"
30 DIM DIR$(1:81)[80]
40 CAT "" TO DIR$(*)
several more line follow

This tells me the connection is working but when I ask for the listing of files - and the program executes - there are several errors displayed on the 35670A and nothing ever shows up in the files box on the PC.

The errors look like:

File name is undefined
Error 2 in 60 Memory overfolow
Error 80 in 40

It seems illogical that the program code is incompatible with the instrument.  Is there some configuration setting that must be made on the 35670A?