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Making power measurement over multiple bursts w/ one commad

Question asked by peiwen on Apr 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by peiwen
I am trying to use the command below to make power measurement over multiple bursts using one command.

You can find the description of this command in P141 of E4440-90289 and P322 of E4440-90275.

The signal I am measuring is the first burst of a GSM signal, which the frame lenght is 5ms and burst lenght is 526us. I want to get the power of each first burst over 8 frames.
The example code is CALC:DATA2:COMP? MEAN,25us,526us,579.6us,8
I just don't understand how the roffset=579.6us is calculated? I understand the roffset should be the frame length 5000us.

But I tried the 5000us, I just can get one power result. If I use 579.6us, I can get 8 expected power result. Why?

I saw there are some description on roffset setting in the manual, but I don't understand.