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8562A Ref Level Adj Problem

Question asked by MisterX on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by MisterX
The IF amp will not adjust per the TAM or when trying to perform the adjustment manually.  When you connect the cal out to the RF Input and attempt to perform the RF ref Level adjust the cal out signal reads about -4.173 dBm when the DAC (RPG) adjust is set to 0. DAC set at +33 you get +0.5 dBm  When you set the dac to -33 Max, the Cal out Is -9.3 dBm.  do not have enough range to bring the signal to down -10dBm.  I suspect an RF section problem, all TAM Falut isolation test pass.

Unit fails Scale Fidelity test. Yes the Cal out is Good.   I will continue to troubleshoot and check back for advice.

Checked out RF section, the level (10.7 Mhz) coming from the RF section is good, A16 cal signal is good, now I am back to the IF section.
Fails IF gain 1 dB steps tests at the 2 db step only,  out about 4-5 dB on that step, all other steps are good.