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8562A Mixer question

Question asked by 8510fan on Dec 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by tabbott
i have a 8562A that reads 20dB low, the low band part of the 5086-7749 mixer has too much conversion loss, the return loss is really bad and the input measures almost 0 ohm, i opened the mixer and found 2 pin diodes as well as a beam lead diode with the beam lead being the culprit !
i did not design this mixer but my assumption is that the two pins act as limiter to protect the mixer from excessive power while the purpose of the beam lead is for ESD protection, can anyone enlighten me about this ?  also i would like to find out what beam lead diode was used there !
BTW: Analyzer works fine with the beam lead removed !