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HP8563E errors

Question asked by sm7ovk on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by JohnMiles
I'm having problem with an old HP8563E, a broken analyzer I got for free and I would like to have it at home for my hamradio experiements.
The unit shows a couple of errors, 355, 317, 319, 356, 335 etc.

It looks as there is a fault on the A15-board (maybe) somewhere around the "offset lock loop". Several of the signals mentioned in the "Service Guide" is not right, but it's nearly impossible to follow this without a schematic.

First, have anybody had this errors and what was wrong?
Second, does anybody have the A15-schematic as a pdf? Best would of course to have a CLIP for the HP8563E, but I have not found this on the net.

Jens, SM7OVK