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N9030A - Loaded

Question asked by drdroege Employee on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by tabbott
I'm trying to order an N9030A for our lab loaded with all available options.  According to procurement, some of the options that I've requested are not compatible with each other.  Could someone please contact me to help determine which options are not compatible?


N9030A     PXA Spectrum Analyzer
N9030A-550     Frequency range, 3 Hz to 50 GHz
N9030A-P50     Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 50 GHz; Compatible with frequency range option: N9030A-550
N9030A-EA3      Electronic attenuator up to 3.6 GHz; Add in addition to the mechanical attenuator; 1 dB steps, 0 to 24 dB
N9030A-B1X      140 MHz analysis bandwidth; Expand analysis (demod) bandwidth from 10 to 140 MHz (Option MPB required for measurements > 3.6 GHz)
N9030A-MPB     Microwave preselector bypass; Bypass the microwave preselector for wider bandwidth IF
N9030A-LNP     Low noise path; Improves sensitivity (DANL) in frequency bands above 3.6 GHz
N9030A-EXM      External mixing; Provides external mixing with Agilent and third party mixers. Single port* for LO out and IF in (SMA female)
N9030A-EMC     Basic EMI precompliance; Perform EMI precompliance measurements with CISPR 16-1-1 detectors and bandwidths: tune and listen, and measure at marker are also available
N9030A-EDP     Enhanced display package; Includes spectrogram, trace zoom, and zone span
N9030A-SSD     Additional removable solid-state drive;  Provides a fully-imaged removable solid-state in addition to the one installed in instruments
N9030A-CR3     Second IF output;  Wideband IF out; output center frequency depends on IF path: 322.5 MHz (for 10/25 MHz path), 250 MHz (for 40 MHz path), or 300 MHz (for 140 MHz path);output on Aux IF connector at rear panel
N9030A-CRP     Arbitrary IF out; IF out 10 to 75 MHz (in 500 kHz steps); output on Aux IF connector at rear panel
N9030A-YAV     Y-axis video out; Screen video (0-1 volt open circuit); log video and linear video
N9030A-ALV     Aux log video out;  Fast rise time video out; output on Aux IF connector
N9030A-1CP      Rack mount with handles; Adds rack mount flanges and handles to the PXA
N9030A-DVR      USB DVD-ROM/CD-R/RW drive; Enhances the usability of the Windows XP Professional operating system
N9030A-UK6     Commercial calibration certificate with test data;  Calibration certificate only available at time of instrument purchase; only provides measurement results

89601B     89600B vector signal analysis (VSA) software; Industry-leading measurement software for evaluating and troubleshooting signals in R&D; PC-based software supporting more than 30 measurement platforms, plus more than 70 signal standards and modulation types including MIMO analysis;
N6141A-2FP     EMC;  Pre-compliance conducted and radiated emission measurements
N6149A-2FP     iDEN/WiDEN/MotoTalk; Standard-based, one-button iDEN measurements Wireless connectivity
N6152A-2FP     Standard-based, one-button DVB-C (J.83 Annex A/C) measurements
N6152A-3FP     Standard-based, one-button J.83 Annex B measurements
N6153A-2FP     Standard-based, one-button DVB-T/H measurements
N6153A-3FP     Adds DVB-T2 measurements; requires 2FP/2TP
N6155A-2FP     ISDB-T;  Standard-based, one-button ISDB-T, ISDB-TB, and ISDB-TSB
N6155A-3FP     ISDB-Tmm;  Adds ISDB-Tmm measurements; requires 2FP/2TP
N6156A-2FP     DTMB (CTTB); Standard-based, one-button, DTMB (CTTB) measurements
N6158A-2FP     CMMB; Standard-based, one-button, CMMB measurement
N6171A-M03     Advanced signal analysis package; includes standard package and adds Filter Design Toolbox, RF Toolbox, and System Test (not upgradeable)
N9051A-2FP     Automates pulse measurements; combines signal analysis and amplitude vs. time measurements
N9051A-3FP     Adds phase and frequency measurement; requires 2FP
N9051A-4FP     Adds extended analysis and statistics; requires 2FP SCPI command language compatibility
N9061A-1FP     Adds capability to emulate the HP/Agilent 8566/68 spectrum analyzers
N9061A-2FP     Adds capability to emulate the HP/Agilent 856xE/EC spectrum analyzers
N9062A-2FP     Adds capability to emulate the R&S FSP/FSU/FSE spectrum analyzers Remote language compatibility
N9064A-1FP     Vector signal analysis; high-resolution, FFT-based spectrum and time-domain measurements, time gating, AM/FM/PM demodulation, statistical measurements
N9064A-2FP     Adds flexible digital modulation analysis; general purpose digital modulation for 2-16FSK, 2-8PSK, and 16-1024QAM, as well as more than 15 additional formats; requires -1FP/1TP
N9064A-3FP     Adds IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/j/p WLAN modulation analysis; requires 1FP/1TP
N9068A-2FP     Phase noise; Adds one-button measurements for analyzing phase noise in frequency domain (log plot) and time domain (spot frequency), supports external mixing
N9069A-1FP      Noise figure; (requires preamplifier) Adds one-button measurements for noise figure, gain, and related metrics; requires preamplifier to meet specifications; works with Agilent N400xA Series smart noise sources and 346 Series noise sources VXA vector signal and WLAN modulation analysis
N9071A-2FP     Standard-based, one-button GSM/EDGE measurements
N9071A-3FP     Adds EDGE Evolution (EGPRS2) measurements; requires 2FP/2TP
N9072A-2FP     Standard-based, one-button cdma2000 and cdmaOne
N9073A-1FP     Standard-based, one-button W-CDMA measurements
N9073A-2FP     Adds HSPA measurements; requires 1FP/1TP
N9073A-3FP     Adds HSPA+ measurements; requires 1FP/1TP, 2FP/2TP
N9075A-2FP     802.16 OFDMA; Standard-based, one-button Mobile WiMAX measurements
N9076A-1FP     1xEV-DO;  Standard-base, one-button 1xEV-DO measurements cdma2000®/cdmaOne measurements
N9079A-1FP     Standard-based, one-button TD-SCDMA measurements
N9079A-2FP     Adds HSPA/8PSK measurements, requires 1FP/1TP
N9080A-1FP     LTE-FDD; Standard-based, one-button LTE (FDD) measurements
N9081A-2FP     Bluetooth®; Standard-based, one-button Bluetooth version 2.1+ EDR and Low Energy (LE) measurements Digital video
N9082A-1FP     LTE-TDD; Standard-based, one-button LTE (TDD) measurements