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Measuring differential power

Question asked by pkatiyar on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by andyowen

I am trying to measure output power of transceiver. The problem in hand is that the output of transceiver is differential and my spectrum analyzer is single ended. So what I have done is meaured single ended power while terminating the other end.

1. Connected RFP to the spectrum analyzer, while RFN connected to 50 Ohms
2. Connected RFN to the spectrum analyzer, while RFP connected to 50 Ohms.

Now I have two sets of reading.

Please provide me details on how to combine the RFN and RFP to arrive at differential output power.

For e.g. RFN is 2.4 dBm and RFP is 3.4 dBm what is my differential (combined power)?

Should I add 3dB to RFN or RFP.