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HP-8590A Omni Vision Display Schematic

Question asked by LarrBeard on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by AgilentHpSpectrum
I have a perfectly good HP-8590A (Ser No 2618AXXXXX) that has an absolutely dead display. (Another display works perfectly in it.)  I don't have any of the complex software or hardware problems a lot of other guys describe - but I still can't see it!

I've poked around in it - looked at the usual suspects (dried out/leaking aluminum electrolytics..etc) and nothing yet.

I've had pretty good luck repairing the Panasonic TR-60S1A monitors used in some 8590A's, but this unit uses a more complex display.  The display has a tag "Omni Vision; Glendale Heights, IL P/N LP0615EVC", with some addition numbers that are probably Lot or Date codes.  There is a tag on the chassis "Hewlett Packard P/N 2090-0514".  I have not found any support data for this particular monitor.

Omni Vision has disappeared without a trace  - no lingering artifacts hiding on the internet.

Any help with a schematic or manual?