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.STA files to analyzer from PC and vise versa PLZZ HELPPP

Question asked by ak301 on Nov 9, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by rocko2010
hi every one,
i really need ur help i can get the .CSV files from the Spectrum analyzer to my PC over GPIB using labview well its more like taking its content to a string and bla bla
so what i must do now, is to get the STATE files to the PC( i dont want to open it on the PC )only getting it to the PC  over GPIB and then some when sending it back to the spectrum analyzer!
is it possibole to do that , i mean getting the .STA or .TRC files to the PC and then send it back to the spectrum analyzer via. the GPIB ?



P.S i am using a E4448A Spectrum analyzer with LABVIEW ...