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FFT 35670A and Time Capture

Question asked by pirt on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by mukta2008

I want to implement HP 35670A FFT Analyzer to my program but...  We need to use a remote control and Time Capture module. But I can't  find any notes in documentation about how to query used memory for time capture. Commands "SENS:DATA? TCAP1" always return "Capture does not contain tach data or tach frequency too low". But I even didn't switch ON this tahometer option. I just want to monitore how much free memory do I have. So is it possible to get from FFT (remotely) information analogues to just pushing directly on a device "BUFR INFO: ON" in Time Capture menu?


PS: any of "SENS:DATA" commands always returns this message.

PS2: also i have checked this problem with example from manual ("GETCAP"). With this example FFT returns the same error message "-221,"Settings conflict; Capture does not contain tach data or tach frequency too low.""