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Binary format Trace Data Scaling Factor for HP 8562A SA

Question asked by Vinay on Jan 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by Vinay
I am a student at the University of Auckland studying electrical engineering. My project involves remote controlling the HP 8562A spectrum analyzer and saving the trace data onto the PC. I have written a Labview code to do the remote control and it works fine. I am able to save the trace data in real number and binary format ('int16' or 'uint16') with out any problem.
When I plot the data (of a known signal from Signal generator E4438C) in real format I get the graph as expected. But when I try to plot the data saved in binary format the graph is all over the place. The trace data consists of 601 points.
I have used the HP8562A Operating and Programming Manual available on the WEB.
The scale factor equations suggested in the manual are :

dBm value = Reference Level - 10 x Log Scale + Log Scale x (Binary Value/600)
dBm value = Reference Level +  Log Scale  ((Binary Value/60) - 10)
The Log Scale is 10 dB / div.

The out put format is distorted and instead of showing up between -43.5 to -100 dBm comes up as 1000 to 0. The values returned are supposed to be in dBm as the AUNITS? command gives o/p as dBm.
Any help will be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance.