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Undefined Header

Question asked by maemmoth on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2009 by dgun

I have an Agilent E4403B Spectrum Analyzer, which I am trying to control Remotely over GPIB.
As I am new to SCPI I have tried the following example program found at Agilent homepage: ... al_C++.htm

When running the following line,
// Send a trigger to initiate a single sweep

I get the  "-113, Undefined header" error.
I can see the error both on the analyzer and when I read the result after "syst:err?".

I am able to set the start- and stop frequencies.

I am printing some text after each GPIBWrite that I make, just to see where the error occurs.

Does anyone know what the error is?

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