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N9320B remote data collection help

Question asked by pwitkow on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by pwitkow

I am currently writing a C++ program with the intent to pull out data points (frequency, amplitude) for the waveform generated on the spectrum analyzer.  I noticed that there is a way to save the trace to the local memory on the instrument, but not transfer that data over back to the controller.  I want to end up with a .csv file on the controller with no human interaction along the way (i.e not needing an operator to plug in a flash drive and transfer it over himself).  Please let me know if there's a SCPI command or something I can use to pull data points out of the waveform and store them accordingly.  I am using the Agilent I/O libraries and VISA and the analyzer is hooked up using a USB cable.  I have no issues with connecting to the device, and can configure it for the measurement without issue.  I am only having trouble pulling the waveform from the analyzer back onto the controlling PC.  Thanks again for any help.