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How to get screen image and use SCPI command at CSA N1996A

Question asked by rismayana on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2009 by odanzy
Hi, all..
i'm nubie here..

previously, i'm develop the ESA Series, and it's not too much trouble, cuz the main software that i've develop is represent with the ESAEZ reference.

now, i'm use CSA, that use LAN to remote the instrument.
so far, i have succeed with the communication, but the main purpose, i didn't find how to get the screen image of this instrument.
can anyone have a solutions?

the other one of my trouble is, how to use the SCPI command.
ie. in ESA series, i just set ESAEZ.Output ":TRAC1:MODE MAXH" to make the maxhold.
is there any other reference for CSA series to use the SCPI command?

i use vb 6.0

however, thanks for the advice, and sorry for my bad english