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List sweep for EXA signal analyzer

Question asked by ttse7 on Jun 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by dgun
I' ve inputed the following commands and entered list sweep mode.  Which command can be used to grab the result? I want to repeatedly do zero span on the listed frequencies.

% Initial setup
mxa_ip = '';
mxa_port = 5025;
mxa=tcpip(mxa_ip, 5025);
% input buffer size to receive trace data
% should be at least 4 times the number of trace
% points for 32-bit real format

fprintf(mxa,'CAL:AUTO OFF');
fprintf(mxa,'INST:SEL SA');
fprintf(mxa,'INIT:CONT OFF');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:FREQ 890.2MHz,890.4MHz');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:ATT 10dB');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:BAND:RES:TYPE FLAT');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:BAND:RES 300kHz');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:BAND:VID 3MHz');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:SWE:TIME 600ms');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:DET RMS');
fprintf(mxa,'LIST:TRIG:SOURce IMM');
fprintf(mxa,':SENSe:SWEep:TYPE:AUTO:RULes SPEed');