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Intuilink with 3 Instruments on LAN

Question asked by ham_45242 on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2008 by ham_45242
Hello, all.  I have three Agilent test instruments, an E5070B RF network analyzer, E4438C sig gen and an E4440 spectrum analyzer all connected on the same local area network (LAN).  I connect to, and obtain data from, these instruments using the Intuilink toolbars installed into MS Excel and MS Word on a WinXP SP2 computer.  Everything works fine as long as all 3 Agilent equipments are powered up.  When I need only one instrument and use the "connect to" toolbar item the "Searching busses" dialog box pops up as usual but nothing else happens.  After sniffing some IP packets on the test instrument LAN I determined I had either an address resolution protocol (ARP) or remote procedure call (RPC) problem in trying to address the powered-off items.  Putting static entries into the WinXP ARP cache does not eliminate the RPC problem.  Apparently the Intuilink configuration cannot proceed (or perhaps the timeout is excessive) if the configuration is trying to address some, but not all, powered-down instruments.  Does anyone know a work around other than having to power up all three instruments?  Thanks for your time and ocmment.  Sincerely,