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3rd order intermodulation distortion of 8563E

Question asked by gkrik on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by gkrik
Hello to all members.

I would like your opinion about the case of measuring the 3rd order intermodulation distortion of the 8563E spectrum analyzer. In the calibration guide, pages 491-499, it is recommended to use two similar directional couplers (p/n: 0955-0098). In our case, we have only one of them (and was not able to locate a replacement model with similar specifications).
My question has to do the necessity of the second coupler. Apparently it is there for a reason (I have tried in the past, with another SA, using only one coupler and got results a little out of specs), however I cannot understand why.
Does anyone have a clue about that? Or could someone suggest a similar design (even better: an alternative method for the calibration) for the second coupler?

Thanks for your time.