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I need serious VEE help

Question asked by TrialByFire on Oct 29, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by odanzy
Yes, I'm to begging at this point.  Here's the story, all.  I used to control instruments with VEE years ago, version 5.  I got out of it, and haven't touched it.  Now I'm on a project and they need this application programmed quickly, and sure enough I'm "the man" for the job. 

Now we're on VEE 8.5, and I need to be able to control and read data from 4 Spectrum Analyzers.  It's been a large, continuous headache.  There's no time for me to get into a class for this at all, so I'm going to need to rely on your knowledge and generosity to help.

First issue that I need to overcome.  I'm trying to simply communicate with the SA's.  The Agilent Connection Expert shows green checks, all good here.

I've tried a simple *IDN query.  I get the red box of death, and here's the error.

I/O error or timeout error on VISA device: 'newinstument2'.  VISA error: VI_ERROR_TMO

Error number 811

Troubleshooter has this to say:

Instrument Name:    'newinstument2'
Interface Name:       GPIB1
Interface Status:      OK

Detected Problem:    Resource found on this interface but not at GPIB1::18::INSTR.

But the address is 18, and Connection Expert verifies GPIB1 as the interface.

Any ideas?