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Calibration Routines

Question asked by tonyk on Feb 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by tonyk

I've just acquired an HP 8591A and have a couple of questions.

1.When I run the "cal frequency and amplitude", and it exectutes without an error, how confident can I be that there is no serious problem with the analyzer?

To narrow the scope of the question, what I am particularly interested in is the accuracy of the signal amplitude when measuring EMI on carrier wave type signals (as would be generated by an RF Heater for example). I am not  so concerned with the finer points e.g. sidebands, intermodulation products etc.etc., and regarding frequency, again, I can easily verify this with a counter.

2. My firmware is version 3027A, dated 26th October 1990. The manual which I have is for version 3003A and below. Does anyone know the differences between the versions, or better still, is there a manual available anywhere with a newer firmware date?

Your help and comments would be appreciated.