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Avantek YF87-4067 YIG - Used in HP 8563?

Question asked by bkslasi on Dec 14, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2010 by bkslasi
We are trying to use multiple Avantek YF87-4067 YIG filters in a multi-channel research experiment.
We are unsure what the requirements are for the heater voltage and current.
When we put what we think would be a reasonable voltage into the heater, the current draw is very high and the YIG becomes so hot we can not touch it. We are reluctant to experiment with the heater voltage very much for fear that we might burn out a YIG.
We believe that the Avantek YF87-4067 may have ben used in the 8563 spectrum analyzer. The frequency range and vintage seems to match. It might also have been used in the 8593. The frequency range is the same with option 026/027.
Can you tell us whether the YF87-4067 was used in any of your spectrum analyzers?
Is there any information available that describes what the heater voltage and current requirements are?
Also, what are the tuning voltage and current requirements?
Thanks for your help.
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