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HP8568B spurious ?

Question asked by k.haber on Sep 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by G0HZU
I have a little problem with my HP8568B. After connecting a clean 0 dBm signal to the input the analyzer show me a spurious approximately 10,65 MHz below the input signal. The spurious comes appro. with –65dBm. For example: If the input signal is 80MHz the spurious is 80MHz-10,65MHz=69,35MHz. I have done tests with other frequencies and other signal generators. The result is always the same: spurious is coming 10,65MHz below the measure signal. An other effect is that the spurious level is not linear to the input signal level. Is there a mixer problem?
I will be very grateful if somebody have an idea what is going wrong. Thanks for your efforts,
Klaus Haber