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8591A With power supply problem

Question asked by peterhh on Mar 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by n8phu
I have an HP 8591A with completely "dead" power supply. This part was apparently contracted out from HP to MicroENERGY INC and people I have talked to at Agilent support here i Sweden say that they never repaired these supplies at HP, they sent the bad part back to MicroENERGY for replacement to a repaired or new one. I have looked everywhere i possibly could think of to find a schematic without any success. This power supply was not designed with service considerations as prio nr.1 and if anyone have any kind of information about this part it would be helpful. It could be info about where to look after schematics or hints about which components and/ or solderings worth take a closer look at.

Any help appreciated.