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HP141T low intense on CRT display

Question asked by Marin on Oct 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2010 by Marin

I did get one for myself, it's working good, one with 8554 module up to 1.2GHz,
only intens of beam on CRT is low, it could be used still....but intense is
low...also when I press Store button, or STD trace is much I
maybe doubt that CRT is bad or voltage is low? Also, I checked high voltage
trimmer is raised all way up....also I checked internal intensivitly trimmer but
is probably to max. I checked 10V and 1V test points on front, I get square wave
signal, but not 10V p-p, but about 7-8V p-p, also on 1V there is 0,7-0,8V
p-p....I must check on schematic to check all power supply voltages. Does anbody
have any more experiance with this analyzer and maybe can get me tip to repair
this one?

Also when is powered up there is one small dot on the screen and it can't be
moved....all voltages are okay (100V, -100V, -12,6V, 248V), only I didn't check 2450V because I don't have X100 scope probe....