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Upgrade PSA firmware with MAC address

Question asked by peiwen on Apr 27, 2007
Latest reply on May 18, 2007 by jborges3
Here I am sharing a procedure of upgrading PSA firmware with MAC address.

Usually we use LAN or cross-LAN to upgrade PSA from PC, but sometimes PSA can't detect the LAN boot path, so you have to use keyboard to upgrade PSA with MAC address.

PSA can only support PS2 keyboard. For the first time using keyboard with PSA, you need to activate keyboard function first. To activate keyboard function,
1. Power cycle PSA and interupt with any front panel key
2. 52 (Enter) and 99 (Enter)

Power cycle PSA again and interupt booting with any key on keyboard.
1. IN (Enter) and LA(Enter) , write down the MAC address

Start up PSA upgrade application from PC with LAN connecting to PSA
Follow the upgrade procedure. Input the wrong IP address and go to the process of inputing MAC address, and then go forward the normal upgrade process.