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Measurement of electro-optical parameters

Question asked by motoman89 on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by olfu
Briefly describe the essence of a problem for measurement.
Our objective is to measure the following parameters of electrooptical Mach-Zehnder modulators(MZM):
-half-wave voltage at the DC;
-half-wave voltage at 50 kHz;
-half-wave voltage at 60 GHz;
up to 60 GHz;
-RF-impedance up to 60 GHz;
-DC impedance;
-S21-electro-optic coefficient up to 60 GHz;
-S11-electric coefficient up to 60 GHz;
- deviation of the electro-optic coefficient of S21 up to 60 GHz.

We are interested in the standard methods of measuring these parameters and instrumentation are needed for this.
We are purchasing vector network analyzer E8361C-014 (N4373C-302 without optical test set N4373C-101) and LCR Meter Agilent E4980A (and probe station from Cascade).
Can we use standard PINFET amplifiers (up to 100 GHz) and laser diodes for 1550 nm instead of 
optical test set N4373C-101? What are the reasons to use N4373C-101?

Is it possible to measure all the parameters of MZM with the vector network analyzer and LCR Meter?
Or we have to buy an oscilloscope Agilent 86100D series with an optical module Agilent 86116С (1+1?) and analog microwave signal generator Agilent PSG 8257D-567 for eye diagram analysis and evaluation of electro-optical characteristics of the MZM, such as half-wave voltage in the frequency range up to 60 GHz?

Do I need a microwave signal amplifier to achieve the level of MZM half-wave voltage (7-8 V) in the frequency range up to 60 GHz?

Could you recommend some experts on these points (MZM parameters measurement), please.
Thank you in advance.