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Agilent 8163B Blue Screen of Death

Question asked by _biggles on Feb 7, 2012
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Hi, I am using an Agilent 8163B mainframe (with 81940A laser module in slot 1 and 81980A laser module in slot 2) to measure BFB fiber laser with a photodiode.  The system is controlled by LabView over GPIB.   The GPIB commands sweeps laser 2 from 1520 nm to 1570 nm at 5 nm/sec.  Output trigger is latched by the start sweep command which starts acquisition.  Everything works fine except that at random intervals the 8163b binds up with a blue screen of death with the following message:
       System Panic 1 (Software assertion failed)
       Module 1 Assertion Failed m_Client == NULL
       Task: Interrupt
       System halted
       Build Information: AT, view KRFV05
                  Sept 24 2007 12:09:03 V5.01

After complete reboot system is fine.
Any suggestions as to what causes the problem?