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How to store Cal data in MXA (N9020A, Signal Analyser) ?

Question asked by hhay on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2008 by ruebenn

I would like to know the SCPI command to store the Cal data in MXA
(N9020A, Signal Analyser).

The equipments setup are connected spectrum analyser, power meter, signal generator to input of 4 ways splitter, and output to test modem).

Before that I am using E4404B (spectrum analyser) to store the Cal data with the following command:
:CORR:CSET2:DATA 500000000, 8.45, 600000000, 8.55
// to store the cal data at 500MHz with 8.45db loss and 600Mhz with 8.55 dB loss. ( this is the loss from the path from spectrum analyser through the 4 ways splitter)

But now I am going to use the MXA (N9020A, Signal Analyser) to replace the E4404B, as it can measure up to 26GHz. My problem is when I tried the same command, I encountered the following failure:
Error code: -113
Error Message: Undefined Message

I tried to search the solution in manual, but can;t find one. Anyaone can help?

Thank you in advance.

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