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Option 124 on PSA

Question asked by azafran on Aug 7, 2007
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The 8566 spectrum analyzer, there has a sweep output at the rear panel, and this output will provide a voltage proportional to the horizontal sweep of the CRT trace that ranges from 0V to +10V.
For the PSA E4440A, there is no sweep output. The preselector tune out on PSA is equivalent to the Sweep Tune out of the 8566B (and not the sweep output). However, if you only sweep across just one band (for instance low band 0-3GHz), then it will just give you one ramp as you sweep across that band. The Y axis (magnitude) is provided by the option 124 video output. The Z-axis (penlift) is provided by the trigger output.
Let say I set on PSA is in CW mode-310.7MHz (fixed frequency), span zero. So at this setting, how can I get the ramp volt? and can i get the horizontal sweep of the CRT trace circuit from the PSA?