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HP 8590A Service/Support Manual wanted SOLVED

Question asked by luzemario on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by ytech
Hi all,

Thank you all folks by share many manuals for old instruments at Agilent.

I am experiencing some trouble with correction factors in a HP 8590A (signals get distorted when CORR is turned on). I believe that it can be solved with help of service manual, but where can i find it?

The product support page have installation and operation manuals for HP 8590A, but service manual still can not be found at this time.

If anyone have some spare time, can scan it and send it to Agilent to make it available to everyone, clicking on the link below.

or send it to me, I will send it to Agilent too.

Thank you all.