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Incorrect signal level HP141T

Question asked by magmerlino on Feb 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by magmerlino
Hi, (excuse me for my terrible English...). I have a system HP141T+HP8552B+HP8553B just buy , and I have a problem: signal calibration al 30 MHz instead of -30 dBm is on -49 dBm on the screen . I have this configuration on misuration : Bandwidth 300 KHz ; Scan Width per division 0.5 MHz; input attenuation 0 dB ; Scan time per division 2 mS; Log REf level 0 dB; (switch a 10 dB LOG) ; Linear sensitivity 0 dB; video filter 10 KHz; scan mode INT ; scan trigger auto. Why my signal is so low? I have put on parallel an oscilloscope (Philips 50 MHz bandwidth double trace) and level is go down to -55 dBm and on oscope signal is 28 mV peak to peak (i think that is -27 dB) with a bad sinusoid signal .  Where is the problem? Can I make something ? Thanks for every reply and best regards. Roberto from Italy. 73 de IW0RAQ