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HP8596E - attenuator?

Question asked by sm7ovk on Feb 6, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2011 by sm7ovk

I try to help a fellow radioamateur to get a HP8596E to work. First look at the analyser show that the levels are shown much to low. (The CAL-output is ok and checked with another instrument.) When the attenuator is set at 40dB the signals dissapear indicating that the attenuator might be blown.
Has anybody seen any similar before?
What I feel strange is that if I select "Analog+" the levels are displayed right - of course not when the 40dB attenuator is engaged. Could this indicate that the input mixer is ok and that it's "only" the attenuator that is damaged?
(When the analyzer is started with the CAL connected to the input it shows levels 40-50dB below what it should show.)
Any hints would be apreciated. Any information about CLIPs would of course be of dramatic help compared to where I am right now without any schematics.
Is there any way of reset the instrument to be as it was when delivered from the factory? It seems as there are many things stored in the instrument and I just wanted to be sure that none would interfear with the readout.