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Replacing CRT on 8590E series

Question asked by vjsilva1 on Nov 3, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by vjsilva1
I was able to pick up some new old stock CRT Units for the 8590E series SAs recently.
So far I have installed 3 of these; in an 8594E, 8591E and 8590L.
The CRT Units seems to be brand new, sealed from Omnivision.

Everything works and I have made the CRT adjustments per Omnivision's instruction sheet.
There is a minor issue that I would like to ask if anyone else has seen.
The CRTs display some evenly spaced bright dots usually aligned over the grid pattern.
This occurs only when the intensity is turned way down. It's strange that of the 3 CRTs I have used so far all three exhibit this.
The old ones did not do this (they had excessive burn on the CRT).

To try one more experiment I took a new CRT tube off a unit that was showing the dots and put the CRT tube into one of the old units.
In other words I put a new tube into the old electronics module and installed this into an SA.
This unit does not exhibit the dots. Even thought it now has a new CRT Tube and old electronics.

It's either something wrong with all the electronics in the new CRT Units or I'm missing some adjustment.

Any comments would be appreciated.