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DSO-X 3034A Upgrade Questions

Question asked by mikesd on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by algoss
I have a DSO-X 3034A oscilloscope.  It has a Digital interface, for a digital probe.  I was considering buying a probe to have access to the digital channels.  But it's not clear what is required vs. what is available.

*There is an accessory: DSOX3MSO.*  It does come with a digital probe, it appears.  But is this more than what I need.  It also looks to be some sort of DSO to MSO upgrade.  

1) Does this kit convert the DSO to an MSO instrument?  
2) Does it do more than just provide a digital probe?  
3) Is there such a thing as a digital probe that isn't the MSO

I'm just trying to understand what is required, to make use of the digital connector on the front of my scope.  Digital input is what I'm after but an MSO upgrade would be ok too, if it turns the DOS into the same capability as an MSO.

*There is another option: DSOX3EMBD.*  This appears to be an I2C and SPI analysis tool.  

4) Does my DSO-X 3034A have any I2C capability, as it exists without this kit?  I guess I could just test it, after I start using it but that's a few days away and I'm looking for upgrades now.

5) What capability does this kit add, that I don't have now?

I'm also going to be using this for some power testing.  Mostly measuring current, voltages and power consumed.  There are two other kits that seem to be related to power, but I'm not sure if these are strictly needed or just something to make things easier.  *DSOX3Mask and DSOX3PWR.*  
6) Are these just applications on the PC?


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