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HP 8591A monitor problems

Question asked by MichalKotze on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by tabbott
Good day. I am currently a product engineer at Grintek ewation (Cape Town). The product i am currently using is a HP 8591A spectrum analyzer (9kHz to 1.8GHZ). My monitor stopped working and displays nothing on the screen. I wanted to remotely control the spectrum analyzer through its serial port using MATLAB. I made up an serial cable with the connections to each pin connected as shown in Figure 1. I found this connection diagram in the “HP programmers guide HP 8590 E-Series and L-Series spectrum analyser” which can be downloaded at this link ... -90235.pdf. This diagram is on page 720 of the programming guide.

Figure 1

When i plugged the serial cable in the serial port of the HP 8591A ( The other end of the serial cable was not connected yet) the monitor stopped working. When I the screen worked I did change some settings like restore factory defaults and aux ctrl.

I please need help in this matter, urgently.

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