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Little problems with an HP8591E

Question asked by Hifreak on Nov 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2012 by dhamilton
Hello ALL,

When i am callibrating the analyzer, i have sometimes problems with SRQ 110 (cal: res bw amp fail).
In the diagnose screen Display Cal Data all the numbers are ok, but the 3 dB BW AMP 10 Hz gives 1.52.
Do you have an adjustments manual for option 130 NBW?

The next question is that after a hard reset at the beginning screen i don't can choose any more on the softkey between spectrum analyzer and cable tv analyzer( i have options 004, 101, 102, 130, 021, at the backside option number H80).
Do you know what the reason is and i also cannot find it back in the manuals?

With kindly regards,