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Problems with Data Capture & scope 54524A

Question asked by soe on Feb 1, 2012
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I have a notebook with Windows XP on it and I am using a 54524A oscilloscope.


I have to connect the oscilloscope to my notebook via RS232(LAN). Now I would like to take a few scopeplots, so I have installed Agilent Data Capture. This needed the Agilent Library Suite and thus I installed this (version 16.1). Via the Agilent Connection Expert I am able to connect to the instrument and send it commands (like *TRG, *TST...) on which the scope reacts fine.


But if I want to use the Agilent Intuilink Data Capture and I try to find Instruments he sees the oscilloscope, but I cannot click connect. Below it is stated that only instruments with instrument type in bold are supported and in my case the Intuilink Data Capture finds the name, manufacturer and address of the oscilloscope but not the Instrument Type (field remains empty).


Any ideas how to resolve this issue?