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IVI-COM, IVI-C programming questions

Question asked by Kiamur on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by Kiamur
Hi all,

I'm new to test instrument automation/programming and have a lot of questions after 3 days of digging thorugh documentation and trying out example programs.

First, let me tell you my environment and what I try to achive:

- I've got an Agilent U2702A oscilloscope on my desk.
- I have a huge Java application where I try to incorporate the oscilloscope functionality (no way around the Java stuff as it is the main language of our main software).
- I have installed the "Agilent IO library Suite", the "Agilent IVI Drivers", the "Agilent T&M Toolkit 2.1", the "Agilent Measurement manager 2.2" and the driver package of the oscilooscope.

I would like to remote control the oscilloscope from our software which means (as far as i understodd) I can either try to write JNI wrappers to the oscilloscope driver or to the IVI-C interface.

During my research of the last days I think I understood that it is more preferable to use the IVI-COM Interface. I found the JACOB (Java to COM Brigde) project which looks quiet promising in order to contact COM objects (I tried an example to remote Control Word which worked very nice).

Now, I found this site where it is said the the Agilent IVI-COM drivers are "Legacy". So does that mean, that, despite the information I gathered the last days, I should not use the Agilent IVI-COM drivers?
If there is a misunderstanding on my side and those IVI-COM drivers are NOT legacy then I would like to know what ProgIDs I have to use to establisch a COM connection to the driver respectiveley to the IVI Interface.

Next thing is, where can I find the functions/methods that I can use tzo control the oscilloscope? I found an Agilent driver header file which shows a lot of functions, but they all start with the name of the oscilloscope. In my understanding one of the fetures of using IVI drivers is that those are not bound to a special device. If that is true, thenn where can I find the IVI driver reference and are there any code examples (in any language) that use these functions with my oscilloscope?

I have around a thousand questions and don't know exactly where to start. . . .

I would be very happy if somebody can point me in the right direction. If there are questions about what I try to do don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to clarify.