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Bad value

Question asked by aronze on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by ksmith
Hello everybody !

I need some help for a big problem that i can't solve on a TDS3014C scope.

To begin, i'll explain you what i try to do.
Firstly, I try to read the mean value on my scope and when i read it on Real32 or Real64, the scope return the value "1"when it should return me the correct value. If i change the read by a string format, it works well by this way is not easy to use in my case.
Secondly, the problem depends of the scope, indeed when i change the scope by an another scope, it works well but it depends of the scope.
I wish to state that the 2 scopes have the same firmware version and the same reference.

I go by an USB/GPIB interface or LAN and the problem is the same.

You will find the attached file if you want to try and to see my program.

Sorry for my english and i hope you could help me !