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E4407B Memory Battery

Question asked by RichS on Mar 29, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2010 by RichS
I'm looking to replace my nearly ten year old memory battery in my E4407B.  It hasn't failed yet but I want to replace it before it does - Preferably without causing any harm such as wiping out cal constants, etc.  I have a service guide (p/n E4401-90056) which on page 4-15 says "If you wish to replace the battery yourself, refer to the "BT1 Battery" replacement procedure in Chapter 7".    Unfortunately the manual only goes to chapter 6.  Not sure if a later version of the manual included chapter 7 or not as my manual shows a 1999 print date. 

Looks like it will pull right out of a socket and I can put a new one in but I would really like to know if there is anything more to it such as needing to restore anything after the battery is replaced, or if there is a way to do it without memory loss, etc.  I already have the replacement part on order but would appreciate any help as to the replacement procedure.

Thanks in advance,
Rich Stolte
AccuSource Electronics