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ECAL module property failures

Question asked by jamesh on Dec 21, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by bhokkan
I have a ECAL module (N4690-60005) connected to a PNA (N5230C) I have the following isssues when using Visual basic 6 and COM to control the instrument.

I am able to perform a full two port calibration of the PNA using the ECAL module through the guided calibration object without any errors, however:
When using the ECALCharacterizationEx property to specify the user characterisation (1) to apply for calibration, I expect an error message if there is no user characterisation data saved in the ECAL module, however no error message is generated. Is this expected behaviour ?

The GetECALModuleInfoEx method returns an empty string even though the specified Ecal module is connected to the PNA. Also the IsECALModuleFoundEx boolean property returns false. I have tried varying the module number from 1 through to 8 without success. In both cases the PNA does not return any error message.

The PNA firmware version is A.09.22.15  using  type library 1.9.

Thanks in advance for your help