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dcom synchonization

Question asked by szustakk on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2011 by daras
Hi All,
I have a program controlling pna-x written in VB and COM object (on pna-x). When I move it to a laptop with DCOM, my pna-x works incorrectly. It looks like next pna-x setting command break execution of previous one, so I needed to insert some “sleep” vb action between pna-x command. Is there any command similar to “*OPC?” in the DCOM pna-x. I haven’t found any suggestion in the help file. There is a fragment of code:

        myChan.SweepType = AgilentPNA835x.NASweepTypes.naCWTimeSweep

        myChan.SweepTime = 0.00003

        myChan.CWFrequency = 1000000000.0 * CDbl(startFrqTextBox.Text)

Thanks for any suggestions,