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Failure AdapterRemoval E8361A

Question asked by leo333 on Jun 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2007 by odanzy
I try to measure a SMA to Substrate Integrated Waveguide transition with PNA E8361A (vers A.06.03.05). 
I do a TRL-calibration on port1(waveguide)  and a SMA-3.5 SOL-calibration on port2 with AdapterRemoval option.
At 7.Step of calibration wizard (Port1-Adapter-Port2) i get a error message: "Require to measure a cal standard failed.Please ensure you are requesting to measure standards which are defined for this calibration."
A common two-port TRL-calibration with a self-made TRL calkit works good and with professional waveguide-standard (Q11644A.ckt) as well. But if i do the AdapterRemoval calibration with one of these calkits (self-made or Q11644A) + SMA-3.5 SOL - i get the error.
Please help.
I added my .ckt file and Q11644A.ckt as well.