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UnRatioed Accuracy of PNA

Question asked by bwillis88 on Aug 30, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2006 by daveb
I would like to know how much confidence I should have in PNA unratioed measurements vs. ratioed.

Which way is more accurate?   I'd like to think the PNA measures absolute power accurately.  BUT, I wonder if doing a ratioed measurement "cancels" out inaccuracies of B and R1 recvrs.  Of course this all assumes I did a good Source Power Calibration and I know my input power and the DUT.

Here's what I'm doing, FYI.

I am performaing high power measurements of amplifiers, where I must find precisely the Input Power and Output Power, since I am saturating my DUT.  (Not worried about S11 for now)

The two options I can think of:
1.  Perfom Source Power Calibration, then SOLT (response) calibration.  Since I know I have a constant flat input power, I can simply add the S21 gain and derive the Output Power.

2.  Perform Source Power calibration, then do Receiver Power Cal on receiver B.  So now I have a window showing me the absolute output power of my DUT. (And I can do S11 1-port cal on another channel)