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PNAX Opt087 SCPI Command Bug?

Question asked by andyTPE on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by andyTPE
Hello PNA-X Opt 087 Users,

Can someone confirm a possible bug?  I am running FW 09.22.02 and trying to control the bandwidth for the main and IM tones in Opt 087.  It appears that the commands are swapped i.e.

sens<ch>:imd:ifbw:imtone <intemod_IFBW> sets the main tone IFBW


sens<ch>:imd:ifbw:main <maintone_IFBW> sets the intermod IFBW

Basically I can send the above commands and then open up the 087 GUI and see that the 'main' command controls the IM IBW and vice versa.

Please can someone:
1) Verify my observation
2) Comment on whether this exists/is fixed in a later firmware release.

Thank you