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Adapter deembedding

Question asked by see on Aug 21, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2006 by see
I am using the latest beta (AO60405) on our PNA.
I am trying to deembed an adapter.
I use the adapter macro to get the S-parameters of the adapter.
I have verified that this works, that is I kow that the S-parameterfile
generated is the S-parameters of my adapter.
When I follow the procedure to deembed the adapter and finally click
Fixturing  OFF/on and Sim appears in the status bar this happens.
Refplan to mesure s11 is moved from the 2portcalibrationplane to
the wanted endofadapterplane. That is I can measure s11.
Refplane for measuring s22 is not moved!!??.
Have I missed something or is the deembed software in the beta
not ok ?