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Problem in save data in NVNA soft

Question asked by dahuang on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by dahuang
To whom It may concern,

Thanks for your notice on this post first.

I met some problem in saving measurement data in NVNA software.

I am trying to measure the fundamental, second harmonic and third harmonic signal simultaneous over 201 frequency point, like from 700MHz to 900MHz with 1MHz step. I finished the measurement successfully, and can see the result for each frequency point on screen.
However, when I tried to save the measurement data into local file, as mdf file. The save data is disorganized. all the measurement data from 701MHz to 900MHz is the same as 700MHz. I tried the process many times. No success in this problem.

I attached my measurement result in the post for your reference. The result i am looking at is that I should have an second harmonic peak at 820MHz, which is verified in the other test setup, as PNA-X frequency offset option.