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Excel/VB Syntax E3631A

Question asked by Allen on Feb 24, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by dgun
Hi to every one,

I am currently using a E3631A power supply via GPIB, I managed to write a program which varies the voltage on the P6V output of the supply,
Now I would like to output a constant -5V from the N25V output but the program doesn't work i just get a beep sound from my supply and the
code related to the P6V output works but the code related to the N25V output doesn't. If i change the syntax from N25V to P25V the program works fine.
I'm using Excel with macros, I need this very simply program to supply a uC board which does the rest of the work.

Syntax is ad follows;

Any Help Please?!!

With Agt3494A1   
        .Output "*RST"                               
        .Output "Curr " & Str$(Range("E2").Value)     '
        .Output "APPLY N25V," & Str$(Cells(3, 5))
        .Output "Output on"

        For i = 5 To 23
            .Output "APPLY P6V, " & Str$(Cells(i, 1))
            .Output "Output on"                      
            delay 1
        Next i
    End With