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Problem with developed program after Agilent libs installed

Question asked by Serge on Oct 31, 2008
I need add control for Agilent 6034A to old program. It was developed on C++ by many people. All worked Ok, I use Visual Studio 2005 on computer running Windows XP SP2. After I installed libraries for scope - then I've got strange behaviour of debugged programm. It hangs in call of routine from another library for remote device Pacific Power Source AMX-308. Routine provides serial RS-232 port initialization (COM1). But 6xxx series doesn't work through serial ports. Or else?

Is Agilent library incompatable with PPS remote control libraries? How can I solve this?

After I removed Agilent libraries - then initialization RS-232 come well without hanging. But new strange behavior appeared: When I close my program - it hangs for several minutes, then finishes. I found hanging occures in system code while processing int 0x2B (return to kernel). This never happined before installation of libraries. May be even doesn't depend from them. But I didn't install anything more.