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85052C cal kit airline problem

Question asked by lnphoenix on Apr 20, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by lnphoenix

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1) I'm trying to calibrate the N5230A with 85052C cal kit and it doesn't seem to me the 7-32 GHz air line working correctly. Instead of a low insertion loss when connecting a through between test ports, I got a gain bump right at 7GHz all the way to 20GHz. I do check the cal kit with unguided cal SOLT method and it looks just fine. Is there a way to verify that my airline is acting bad? especially during calibration because so I don't have to waste my time to go through the procedure and to find out at the end that my cal is not valid.

2) Is there a better tool to grab the airline because once the installation tool is loose, it's very hard to grab the airline stuck in the Load standard.

3) Is there a way to do adapter removal with the N5230A without using the air line?

I need to measure insertion lost of 2 SMAs back to back and using SOLT unguided cal got me almost there. I appreciate all the tips you can give me because I spent too many days on this airline problem already.