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12-port PNA (U3022AE10 test set & E8361A <= 20 GHz)

Question asked by tomoey on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2007 by Dr_joel
I am considering to get an external test set,  U3022AE10  for my existing PNA, E8361A or E8364B, with option 014 & 551.  For this combination, do I have the same type of functionality as the combination of PNA E8364B / N4421B test set?  More specifically, what if I were to do TRL calibration with my own CAL standards, how can I get necessary switch errors?  Is (global) Delta-match correction available with U3022AE10 test set?  Or do I need to compute it from every possible pair of 2-port, 12-term error correction set done at the coaxial level?

What would be an average time of calibration for a full 12-port? (say, for simplicity sake, in the case of coaxial connection, but with the same gender)  Is it possible to do in-house QSOLT type of calibration with this test set, U3022AE10?

Thanks for your help and time spent in advance.